Antioxidants you need...

Antioxidants you need...

By Neha Ranglani  on: 31 July 2015
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Antioxidants are substances which can counteract the damaging effects of the normal process of oxidation in the body. They are nutrients like vitamins and minerals which play an important role in preventing chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's disease, Rheumatoid arthritis, and cataracts. 
Free radicals are produced within our body due to normal processes like metabolism, respiration, pollution, sunlight, smoking, alcohol and strenuous exercise but it poses stress on the body when excessive free radicals are produced beyond the body's capacity to fight against it. Free radicals are unstable molecules and attack various cells in our body in order to become stable thereby damaging our organs. Antioxidants stabilize these free radicals without undergoing damage and hence protecting us from health problems. 

Sources and requirement of antioxidant nutrients:

Vitamin E also known as anti-aging vitamin found in walnuts, peanuts, almonds, whole grains, vegetable oils etc. An adult needs minimum 15mg and maximum 1070mg of natural vitamin E.

Vitamin C improves immunity and works in combination with vitamin E. It is found in citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, amla, guava, tomatoes etc. An adult needs minimum 90mg and maximum 2000mg.

Beta-carotene (form on vitamin A) helps to protect vision and skin texture. It is found in red, orange vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, papaya, mangoes, bell peppers, green leafy-vegetables, pumpkin etc. There are no specific requirements for beta-carotene.

Selenium is a trace mineral found in wheat, corn, rice, nuts, soybeans, chicken, egg, fish etc. An adult needs minimum 55mg and maximum 400mg of selenium.
In a nut shell, eat more of fruits, vegetables and nuts, abstain from smoking and alcohol, exercise regularly, do some yoga exercises and relax and be happy to prevent aging and damage to your body.

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