Honey it up!! A look at the tremendous weight loss benefits of honey

Honey it up!! A look at the tremendous weight loss benefits of honey

By Neha Ranglani  on: 13 December 2014
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Honey is a natural sweetener used for many centuries by mankind. This golden liquid is a miraculous product of the honey bees and therefore a better substitute to the processed white sugar as it contains more nutrients like vitamin C, iron calcium depending on the source.

Besides its great taste and texture, it is the ease with which one can consume it for example you can add honey in your milk, porridge, tea, juices, or you can directly apply honey on bread instead of jam. Honey surprisingly can also help in weight loss due to the following reasons:

  • Unlike sugar, honey is not heavily processed and contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids which help in fat metabolism, cholesterol reduction, preventing obesity.
  • Honey has a higher glycemic index than sugar which means when you have honey, it does not give you a sugar rush and drop causing mood swings, sugar craving and further weight gain.
  • Honey contains sucrose and fructose unlike sugar which only has sucrose. Due to the fructose, it is metabolized slowly by the liver, it is used up for energy by the cells not causing excess fat storage.
  • Honey is naturally sweeter than sugar, delicious and yummy which can be practically replaced by anything that needs sugar like mentioned above. You would need less of it to sweeten your food preventing weight gain.
  • Honey first thing in the morning can boost your metabolismby giving you a carb rush which your body needs to burn the calories and kick start your body processes.
  • It is also a great post workout carb option which is natural and increases your protein uptake by the muscles.


So weight loss isn’t always bad especially when you have such a sweet remedy for it.

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13 December 2014
Who does not wish for long, strong, healthy, shiny and gorgeous hair? It is every woman’s dream to have thick and bouncy hair whereas men dream of luscious and healthy hair without the half moon on their head. Thick lush hair symbolizes your body’s well being. But in the whole rigmarole of having good hair and using all sorts of treatments, shampoos, fancy oils, exotic serums etc we forget the simplest ingredient for great hair, that is good food and ultimately end up losing the remaining hair we have. Just as every cell of your body needs nutrients to perform well, every cell of your tresses also needs the same. What you actually decided the health of your hair. Let us see top 5 foods to prevent hair loss and help hair growth. 1. Fish:  Apart from being rich in protein and vitamin D, fish contains the much needed omega 3 fatty acids by every cell of your hair which your body cannot produce and you need to get it from the diet. It is important for scalp health and a part of the natural oils preventing your hair from getting dull, lifeless and drying out. If you are a vegetarian or cannot get your hands on fish, try having some flaxseeds everyday to get your dose of omega 3.   2. Eggs:  We often hear people telling us to consume enough protein, mainly for cells wear and tear. Just like your muscles, your hair is also made up of protein. So it makes sense to eat enough protein through sources like chicken, fish, beans etc for improving hair growth and quality. But eggs top the list as they contain zinc, selenium which helps strengthening hair follicle and iron which helps to provide oxygen to the hair cells. Most importantly it contains biotin which is extremely important for hair growth.   3. Nuts and seeds:  like almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds etc are great sources of vitamin E and much needed omega 3 fatty acids. Vitamin E Is a great antioxidant and protects hair from harmful sun rays acting as a natural sunscreen for your hair. Being rich in zinc they also act as hair loss preventer. Walnuts also contain copper, a mineral that helps keep your natural hair color rich and lustrous.   4. Pulses and lentils: These are rich in folic acid apart from being rich in protein which helps in RBC formation and supplying oxygen and nutrients to your scalp and tresses. It also iron and biotin which add to your hair health. If you wish for great hair, do not miss out on your pulses and lentils.   5. Green leafy vegetables:  These are a great source of iron, vitamin C-helps to absorb iron and vitamin A-helps to produce sebum by your hair follicles, natural hair conditioner. They help to prevent breakage and brittleness of hair helping you towards your goal of health hair.   Tips: Drink plenty of water to retain hair moisture and keep them shiny. Water is the main ingredient to good hair. Avoid drastic weight loss measures which only make your hair weak and cause more hair fall. Exercise everyday for 45 minutes to improve blood circulation and release happy hormones which show the happiness in your hair. Avoid artificial chemicals and heat treatments on your hair to save them from trauma.
10 super foods to fight ‘Acne’!
13 December 2014
  Is acne killing your self esteem? Don’t worry as you are not the only one. Research has shown that during adolescence close to 90-100% of the population has at least an occasional whitehead, blackhead or pimple—regardless of race or ethnicity. In most cases, acne begins between the ages of 10 and 13 and usually lasts for 5 to 10 years. Acne is mostly due to the way skin reacts to hormonal changes. The skin contains sebaceous glands that naturally release sebum, an oily substance that helps protect it. During puberty, raised levels of the hormone testosterone can cause too much sebum to be produced. This happens in both boys and girls. The sebum can block hair follicles. When dead skin cells mix with the blockage, it can lead to the formation of spots. Bacteria in the skin multiply, which can cause pain and swelling beneath the blockages. We often blame chocolates, oily foods and sweets to aggravate acne. But this is just a myth. Food itself has no effect on acne. It is the hormonal changes, genetics, stress levels and skin type that depend on the frequency of your flare-ups. Foods like sodas, burgers, pizzas, chocolates, cakes, biscuits, samosas, vada pav etc which are high in sugar and white flour cause a spike in your insulin levels, leading to excess cortisol production which is responsible for acne development. Any kind of psychological or physical stress also raises the blood cortisol levels. So keeping the cortisol levels under control is a crucial factor. You can keep your cortisol levels low by following a good healthy diet, yoga, exercise, listening to your favorite music, getting enough sleep and having a positive attitude in life. Let’s focus on top 10 foods which can actually help you prevent acne or fight the existing ones: Fatty fish or flaxseeds: These contain good amount of omega 3 fatty acids which have the ability to reduce inflammation in our body that can trigger cells to clog pores and potentially cause acne. They are wonder foods for the skin and body. Have 2-3 servings of salmon, sardine, mackerel per week or 1-2 tablespoon of flaxseeds in your soup, smoothies, shakes/day to up your omega 3 intake. Avocado: is an excellent source of Vitamin E which that protects the skin from free radical damage caused by poor diet and environmental toxins. It a boosts your immunity to fight back those nasty bacteria causing red bumps on your beautiful face. It keeps your skin supple and free of blemishes. Other rich sources of vitamin E are almonds, walnuts, peanuts, olive oil etc. Alfalfa sprouts: though may look like grass, they are power packed with vitamins like A, C, K etc and minerals like zinc, selenium, copper etc which help to detoxify the liver, flush out toxins from the body and give you a clear glowing skin. The super nutrition content, combined with the high amounts of chlorophyll, make this herb an extraordinary healer. You can steam then and add it into your soup, salads, sandwiches or juices. Kiwi: has 3 times more Vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C may not directly cure acne, but contributes to a strong and healthy immune system which helps you to eradicate any sort of infection. It also is necessary for formation of healthy cell walls, collagen and elastin keeping the cell skin cell structure intact and promoting healing of the affected cells and scars. You can also opt for other vitamin c rich foods like oranges, lemons, bell peppers, amla, guava etc. since your body does not store this water soluble vitamin, you need to get enough of it from your daily diet. Carrots: are filled with betacarotene which gets converted to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is the best antioixidant for the skin. It improves skin texture and maintains healthy skin cells. You can also get your Vitamin A from tomatoes, sweet potato, red and yellow bell peppers, cantaloupes etc. Sunflower seeds: are rich in selenium which in combination with Vitamin E works wonders to protect the skin from bacterial damage. It reduces inflammatory damage to the skin, preserves skin elasticity and controls acne development. Other foods rich in selenium are brazil nuts, fish, shellfish, mushrooms etc. Pumpkin seeds: are good sources of zinc. Studies have shown that zinc deficiency can weaken the immune system making one prone to any kind of infection. Hence zinc in your diet can help you prevent flare ups and protect skin from any bacterial invasion. Other foods rich in zinc are sesame seeds, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, chickpeas, wheat germ etc. Yogurt: they contain live bacteria which prevent the growth of bad bacteria in the gut and allow the good fellows to grow. These good bacteria do not allow the bad ones to enter your system thereby improving your immunity and defense against skin infections. Especially if you are on antibiotic treatment, 1 cup yogurt/day can be of great help. Green tea: contains flavonols and polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants help to control skin infections, soothe inflammation and boost the immune system detoxifying the body. Water: the benefits of water are umpteen hence makes sense to repeat it again and again to drink plenty of water. Water is a universal solvent. It dissolves the toxins and throws them out of the body and carries the nutrients and antioxidants to the skin cells, promotes faster healing reducing acne flare ups. Drink more on days your activity level is high or the outside temperature is much higher than usual. We all understand the pain and stress you go through when we see new zits and pimples popping up. Integrate these 10 foods in your diet to stay vibrant and skin healthy- heal yourself with the right food.
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