Lose the mummy tummy

Lose the mummy tummy

By Neha Ranglani  on: 19 December 2014
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""us through a lot of physical changes and a roller coaster of emotions. The new joys of mind ‘how do I get back my pre-pregnancy body?’

Losing weight is the ultimate goal for any new mother. But as this period is of crucial harmful. Be realistic about your weight loss goals. You haven’t put on all those kilos in a day, so Reducing you caloric intake drastically can just leave you exhausted affecting your milk supply. extra fat as it helps you to lose good amount of calories and also strengthens your gift you can ever give him/her.

  •  Eat, Eat, Eat:
  • Never starve yourself when lactating as this can reduce your milk production and leave next meals gaining more weight instead of losing it. Starving also reduces muscle mass Eating 5-6 six meals with small snacks rather than 3 large meals helps you lose weight Small meals help to up your metabolism
  • baby need to kick start your day and keep you energetic enough to do all the running Proteins are extremely important for the wear and tear and recovery from the delivery products like slim milk, curds and paneer to stock on proteins without the unwanted fat.
  • oils like ricebran and sunflower/ safflower mixed oils. Avoid saturated fats like butter, contain trans fat which can increase your cholesterol levels. Omega 3 fatty acids your overall health as well. Consuming fish 2-3 times/week or 2-3 tbsp of powdered Omit processed, sugary and salty foods, artificial sweeteners and any other food with through your milk.
  • jowat, ragi, bajra etc, fruits and raw vegetables to prevent constipation and give you Galatogauges like methi seeds, fennel (saunf), alfalfa seeds etc help in increasing milk Early days of motherhood can be quite taxing causing lot of water loss due to can opt for lemonade, buttermilk, jaljeera, green tea etc. Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol as pounds. Six weeks after normal delivery and 8 weeks after C-section is when you can for 10-20minutes/day and slowly increase your exercise time to 30-45 minutes/day. An up the baby takes away all her time. That is when she has to take extra efforts to take care of and planning your day in the morning so that you don’t miss out on the important things for only healthy mothers can raise healthy children.

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A bony affair
19 December 2014
Bones, that part of the body because of which you can stand, sit, run, jog, dance, bend, twist, stretch and so on. Ever since childhood we do a host of activities, thanks to our bones. Every living being needs food to fuel the body to grow and regenerate, so do the bones. Calcium is the most important nutrient for bone development and maintenance. If you don’t get enough calcium in your diet, your body pulls out calcium from your bones increasing the chances of osteoporosis and risk of fractures. So from where do you get calcium in the food: Cereals like ragi, and jowar are great sources of calcium. You can easily replace wheat with them. You can start your day with oats in any form.  Pulses and beans like soya, moong, chana, rajmah and their sprouted variants are good sources of calcium. You can have them as veggies or add them in salads as well.  Nuts and seeds: almonds, walnuts, cashews etc are rich in calcium. A few of them as snacks can help in a great way. Seeds like sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds etc can also be added in salads. Dairy products like milk, curd, cheese, paneer have the highest amount of calcium which is easily absorbed by the body. You can have 2-3 serving of any of these products daily but make sure to choose the low fat options to avoid cholesterol development. Green leafy vegetables like spinach, methi, lettuce, celery, broccoli, cabbage etc are fair sources of calcium. Fish like salmon, tuna etc are excellent sources of calcium and also have other health benefits. Steamed fish 3 times/week can contribute to bone health. How can you avoid drainage of calcium from your bones? Caffeine: drinking excess of tea/ coffee can lead to calcium loss. Avoid more than 2 cups.  Animal protein: excess of chicken, meat, pork etc can increase calcium loss by increasing acid in the body which is neutralized by calcium from the bones.  Alcohol: it hinders calcium absorption and can affect body’s calcium balance. Limit the intake not more than 7 drinks/week and not more than 2 drinks at a time.  Soft drinks: to balance the phosphates in the drink, the body releases calcium from the bones which get excreted. Drink lime juice, jaljeera, fresh juices instead.  Iron: avoid iron supplements along with calcium supplements or calcium rich foods as they compete for absorption and the body doesn’t get enough calcium. You can also take calcium supplement of 500mg-1000mg day depending on your diet. But do not take more than 500mg at one time as it may not get absorbed in excess. When it comes to your bones, calcium alone is not enough. There are other vital nutrients that help your body absorb and make use of the calcium you consume. The most important of these are magnesium and vitamin D. Magnesium helps to absorb and retain calcium and prevent osteoporosis and build strong bones. Magnesium is found in nuts, seeds, whole grains, seafood, legumes, tofu, and many vegetables. Vitamin D is another important nutrient that helps the body absorb calcium and regulates calcium in the blood. Your body synthesizes vitamin D when exposed to the sun. However, a large percentage of people are vitamin D deficient—even those living in sunny climates. If you don’t spend at least 15 minutes outside in the sun each day you may need an extra vitamin D boost. Good food sources of vitamin D include: Eggs Cheese Fish Butter Cream Oysters Fortified milk and cereals You can also take a vitamin D supplement of 1000 IU- 2000 IU/day. Exercise: for lifelong bong health, exercise is a key component. Especially weight bearing exercises help in better calcium absorption i thereby strengthening your bones. Studies have shown that the risk of fractures and osteoporosis was lower in people who did weight bearing exercises atleast 3 times in a week. Exercise also improves muscle strength and co-ordination which prevents injuries. Different forms of weight bearing exercises are: Walking Jogging Stair climbing Skipping Squats Lunges Weight lifting Dancing Choose a form of exercise that you like and enjoy so that it is fun and do it regularly.
Beat the plateau!!
19 December 2014
‘I am doing everything possible by not even losing a gram or inch.’ Surely you must have heard this statement umpteen number of times because weight loss is the most common topic of interest these days be it among the young or old. But more common than that is reaching the plateau during your weight loss process. People try all sorts of fads and follow every possible myth to get there but least they realize is that following the right thing is the easiest way to reach their target. It does not require working out in the gym for three hours or starving yourself to death. All it takes is the correct method of workout and a proper individually designed diet plan to get your dream body. Let us see some top reasons for plateau and how to deal with them. 1. No weight training: many people do not do weight training thinking that it is only meant for people who want a muscular body. This is the biggest myth. Weight training is the only sure shot way to increase your muscle mass. Muscle is that tissue in the body which controls your metabolism. More muscle means higher resting metabolic rate and faster fat burning even when you are not exercising. Weight lifting atleast 3 days a week is a must to jump start your metabolism. With very light weights do not expect too much weight loss; medium to heavy weights is what will do the magic. 2. Consistent cardio: This stops having an effect on weight loss after a point. Instead of steady state cardio which means staying at the same setting for most part of your workout be it treadmill, elliptical, jogging etc, you can opt for high intensity interval training which means challenging your heart to pump harder and then bringing it back to normal. For example walking on the treadmill at the speed of 6 for 3 mins and running at the speed of 9 for 1 minute. Doing this for 30 minutes can give you a great deal of workout thereby increasing your metabolism. 3. Repetition in workout: doing the same thing over and over again slows down weight loss as the body gets used to it and becomes so efficient in doing it, that it uses very little calories for the exercise routine. Bring about variation in your exercise pattern every few days to confuse the muscles which require more energy while working out. Example you can switch between weight lifting, cardio, circuit training, dancing etc to keep your body guessing what is coming up next.  4. Skipping breakfast and other meals: breakfast really important as without it, research says you land up with severe hunger pangs forcing you to eat more than you require during the later half of the day adding on the calories and lack of morning nourishment can slow you down causing fewer calories burned, halting the weight loss process. Skipping other meals during the day with the thought that it may help pull down weight is again a myth as skipping meals causes muscle breakdown, slows your metabolism and puts you in a starvation mode, where your body holds on to calories and stores it as fat for lean times. Try to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day to prevent crash in metabolism. 5. Lack of protein in the diet: people turning primarily vegetarian causes a lack of protein the diet. Protein being the building block for the muscles, it is necessary to provide atleast 1-1.2gm protein/day to help in the wear and tear of the muscles thereby helping them grow and increase metabolism. Protein post workout is extremely important as there is window period of 30 minutes where your muscles are hungry and take up the protein for their repair. Bedtime protein in the form of slim milk, protein shake etc also helps to repair the muscles overnight while your asleep. 6. Not enough calories: you might be working out rigorously but following a very low calorie diet plan, it is not sufficient to fuel your workout, causing a drop in the metabolism as compensation. Just up your calories and see how your metabolism fires back helping you lose weight. 7. Lack of sleep: not many people are aware than sleeping well plays an imperative role in helping you shape your body the way you want to. Sleeping for 7-8 hours in complete darkness releases growth hormone which is a natural fat burner. Lack of sleep slows you down and your metabolism affecting weight loss process. Now if you have figured out where you are going wrong, just rectify it and see the magic of weight loss unfolding itself.
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