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  • How to choose your juice wisely?

    In Expert Diet Tips On 19 December 2014

    Juices have been an all time favorite for everyone, be it young or old, ill or healthy, thin or fat. Lots of people live on juices especially during the hot season. Many enjoy drinking juices along with meals. Most people drink canned/ tinned juices. Some even keep the juice for hours before consuming it. All these practices are extremely wrong as juices are meant to be consumed within 2-5 minutes after extraction. Canned juices are loads of sugar and preservatives which add on the weight issues. Drinking juice later than 5-10 minutes after squeezing it results in loss of nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, B- complex, and other minerals as well. Who should have juices?  Juices are good for people who do not like fruits/vegetables, who cannot chew fruits/vegetables like toddlers, elders, critically ill patients etc. Juices help them to get the nutrients in a more simple and easy to absorb manner which otherwise is difficult for them. Who shouldn’t have juices? People who are constipated, on weight loss diet, diabetics etc should avoid juices as it is devoid of fiber and increases the sugar levels in the blood. It also increases sugar cravings because since the sugar in juice causes a spike in the blood sugar levels and a sudden drop, you are left with more and more sugar cravings. Specially people with poor digestion and constipation should try and eat fruits/vegetables raw as it helps in clearing the bowel more easily making them feel light and relaxed. Juices for good health • Avoid fruit juices as they contain natural sugar and juicing the fruits remove the fiber leaving you only with sugar water. • Try and opt for more of vegetable juices like carrot-beet-spinach-tomato/ dhoodi-cucumber/ spinach-pudina-coriander etc. Do not strain these juices. Just blend them in a blender, add a dash of lemon and drink it immediately. • The best time to drink vegetable juice is early morning to help you absorb the nutrients in it better on empty stomach. • Avoid taking juices with any other food to avoid any hindrance in the nutrient absorption. • Wheat grass juice is a great liver detoxifier and helps to fight diseases like cancer, blood pressure, cholesterol etc since it is rich in antioxidants and chlorophyll which cleanses the body. Benefits of vegetable juices • Clears your bowels • Improves hair luster • Clears complexion • Helps reduce weight • Lowers cholesterol • Reduces chances of cancer So choose your juice options wisely considering your health and other minor issues so that it gives you maximum benefits.

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