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  • Your house is the best gym

    In Expert Diet Tips On 19 December 2014

    Some people are fitness freaks while some run away from the word fitness. Some go to the gym daily whereas some look for excuses to avoid going to the gym. But did you know your house could be the best gym area for you. If you are wondering how, then yes it is the fact. Most of your household stuff like tables, chairs, stools, bottles etc and many other can actually help give you a good workout. This actually leaves you with very little scope to escape your daily dose of workout. The exercises are very easy which can be done in short spans like TV commercial breaks or between your cooking and cleaning sessions. So below are few exercises which can be done at home with the stuff around: Foot stools can be used to do step ups. You can 50 step ups in 1 minute and repeat it 2-3 times as per your capacity. Water bottles(1-2 litres) Can be used to do bicep and triceps curls by filling them full or half with water as per your strength. Do 20 reps and 2-3 sets of this. You can do overhead press 20 reps 2-3 sets with bottles. Carry bottle over your shoulders and do squats 20 reps and 2 sets. Carry bottles in your hand and do lunges 10 rep each leg and 2 sets. Take old pair of socks and fill them with pebbles or beans and Velcro both the ends to together and use them as ankle weights while working in the house or you can also dance, skip or spot jog with them for atleast 20 minutes. You can also do 50-100 leg raises with ankle weights on. Medium weight or Heavy books can be used to do bicep/triceps curl and crunches as well. Just lie down with knees bent and the book on your chest. Try to lift your shoulder off the ground with arms behind the head. Do 50 reps and 3 sets of this. Use a towel to stretch. Lie down on the floor with one leg raises, loop the towel around the ankle and bring the towel and led towards the chest. Hold for 10 seconds. Place couple of firm pillows on the couch and do an inclined chest press with bottles in the hand. Do atleast 20 reps and 3 sets. Sit on a low seated couch and so triceps dip 20 reps, 2 sets. Place both your hands shoulder width apart on a table or wall and do push ups 20 reps, 2 sets. For a good workout, try to choose any 6-8 workouts from above daily and then increase your sets as your strength increases. Calorie expenditure during house work: Makin bed for 30 minutes= 160cal Dusting for 30 minutes=70 cal Mopping floor for 30 minutes=120cal Cleaning windows for 30 minutes= 122cal Ironing for 30 minutes= 61cal Cooking for 30 minutes= 72cal Washing dishes for 30 minutes= 65cal Washing car for 30 minutes= 122cal Cleaning washrooms= 144cal Sorting out groceries for 30 minutes=72cal The values are for a person weighing 60 kgs. The amount of calories burned will go up if the person weighs more and will be lesser if the person weighs less.

  • The myth of spot reduction

    In Expert Diet Tips On 19 December 2014

    All of us have one particular body part with excess fat be it stomach, hips or the back which when we look at in the mirror, we wish could disappear by some means. Spot reduction as people think is the idea if losing fat from one particular area by working on that muscle. This is an absolute myth. Spot reduction in real does not exist. For years people have fallen in the trap of advertisements of belts, vibrators etc that claim to help you lose your tummy or buttock fat which all are truly gimmicks.  We gain weight when we consume more calories than what we expend. The excess calories are stored as fat in the cells in a specific pattern which differs for every person. That’s why we often see people exercising one body part more than the other. For example people who have a huge tummy like a spare tire, try to lose it by doing 1000 crunches. But they don’t realize that by doing so they are just strengthening their abdominal muscles and the fat remains there only comfortably. Men generally have more fat on their tummy (apple shaped body) and women accumulate that fat on their hips (pear shapes body). This clearly shows that men and women are designed genetically differently. When you start losing fat gradually, the first place you put on fat is the last place you will lose fat from because of your genetic makeup. You would lose fat faster in some areas and very slowly in others. The best way to lose fat in any problematic area you have to follow a good cardiovascular exercise routine like running, jogging, cycling, aerobics, dancing etc coupled with weight training and a balanced low fat diet is the most crucial part. This will help you lose fat overall and also in the most desired area. So don’t be a part of passive fat loss ideas. Lets your body do its job at its best.

  • 12 suggestions for a HEALTHY YOU in 2016

    In Expert Diet Tips On 20 December 2014

    Dietitian & Nutrition educator Neha Chandna gives you suggestions for your health… Do not start your day with tea or coffee, instead opt for fruits/ nuts or milk Do not skip meals, eat every 2-3 hours in small portions to control weight gain Do not leave your house without eating breakfast. It helps to control hunger pangs during the day Have fruits on empty stomach or during mid meals for proper nutrient absorption Do not have a very large meal at one time as excess gets converted to fat. Keep some space vacant in your tummy Have a light dinner 2-3 hours before going to bed. Do not immediately lie down after eating. Do not binge on weekends. Choose wise options like salads, soups, grilled, roasted or steamed foods. Have 35ml water/kg body weight. Keep sipping water every 20 minutes Go for exercise in the morning as it helps to burn more fat. Avoid mid night snacking as it can lead to digestion problems. Go for regular health checkups to avoid problems later Get a good sound sleep for at least 6- hours every night to re-energize yourself the next day.

  • A moving message from your body

    In Expert Diet Tips On 03 June 2015

    It\'s a gadget-obsessed world, and it\'s the ultimate reason for our lazy and sluggish attitude. With the rise in new technology, there\'s been a proportionate rise in our inactivity. Thanks to touch, button and voice commands, we don\'t even need to move our butts to get our work done. We get groceries delivered home, food ordered over a call and even shopping for clothes happens at a click of a button. This leaves us with little to no motivation to move about and do things. Thank the stars for not having robots yet, otherwise we would become completely useless as living beings. Sitting on a chair, couch or bed for hours is all we do throughout the day without realizing how weak it makes our muscles and joints, giving rise to the so-called \'lifestyle diseases\'. Our body is a fantastic creation of nature. It notifies us of all that is happening inside, but we choose to ignore the signs and symptoms. If we can go to great lengths to find a solution for issues in your computer, why ignore the messages our body is trying to communicate to us. Our body tries to tell us in a number of ways that we have been inactive or idle for too long:   Stiff neck: This is lifestyle related issue that almost every corporate person suffers from. Sitting in front of the computer for hours makes your neck movement less frequent and increases the chances of strain and muscle spasms in your neck, making it difficult to move your neck freely.   Shoulder pain: Your shoulders have literally have a lot of pressure on them, as they have been assigned the duty of supporting your neck. This makes your them shrugged all the time, leading to shoulder pain.   Lower backache: Almost 90% of the urban population suffers from a lower back problem just from sitting for long hours. Especially sitting in the wrong posture adds extra weight on your lower back joints, which keep pressing and ultimately cause pain and stiffness. This also happens due to loss of strength in your core muscles over a period of time.   Yawning continuously: We all have moments of incessant yawning and we fail to understand why that happens. It\'s a simple sign from your brain saying that that it needs more oxygen, which happens through movement and proper breathing.   Leg cramps: This is a very common phenomenon that we come across after we sit for long hours. We\'ve all experienced that feeling of not being able to feel our legs with a pins-and-needles sensation when we try to move them. In such cases, you need to stand up and walk around a bit, no matter how uncomfortable, to help the blood flow well and get your legs back to their normal state.   Indigestion: When your stomach feels a bit under the weather, just remember that apart from eating wrong foods, you\'ve been inactive for a long time due to which your digestion has become sluggish, causing acidity and gas.   Fatigue: You might be wondering how sitting in one place can make someone tired, but the fact is that the more you sit, the more it gets difficult for you to get back to your active state as blood flow reduces throughout the body making you feel tired and sluggish.   Inability to focus: Do you remember as a kid when your parents told you to take short breaks between studies and move about? This was so that by allowing good blood circulation, you could freshen up your mind and restore your focus. The same goes for when you\'re working or trying to concentrate on something. Get up, move about, take a tea/bathroom break or just go for a small walk. The best way to avoid sitting yourself to stiffness is by getting some movement every hour and trying to incorporate active habits in daily life. Move about while talking on the phone, use the stairs, walk towards your colleagues to have a discussion, get to the coffee machine yourself, bend and stretch well, do small household chores, etc. So get up and stand tall to increase your long term health, short term well being and productivity!

  • Reactivating Activity

    In Expert Diet Tips On 09 June 2015

    Written by Neha Chandna - Dietician, Nutrition Educator, Exercise Counselor with an M.Sc. in Dietetics and Food Service Management from SVT. She has worked with corporates such as HDFC and Standard Chartered as well as BPOs and MNCs on the Right ways of eating and living!  Many a times, we all dream of having a magical wand to complete our work, be it household chores or office deadlines. It\'s very easy to say, \"Let it be, I will do it tomorrow\". With the increasing craze of leading a fast paced life and affection of smart gadgets, lethargy has become second nature to us. All we need is a steady mindset and balance. Each one of us loves to get compliments from others and feel good within. Here are interesting tips that could help you to stay active and fit for longer period of time:   Use public transport: In day to day life, we use car even for travelling small distances. Instead, prefer walking or take the aid of using public transport facilities. This little practice can become a habit.​ ​ Being social: With the invention of various social applications and short messaging services, our life just seems to be limited inside four walls. In a week, spare out some time for your friends and acquaintances. Staying socially connected could increase your networking skills and open up opportunities. Sharing lunch and ideas during lunch time could work wonders. ​ Using old techniques: Nowadays, you may spot various Bollywood actors using the effective methods of cycling for staying fit. You can use them too for maintaining your physique. Start with short distances and then gradually increase. ​ Climbing stairs: Do you know why our forefathers were fit and happy, and thus less prone to diseases? The best known reason is that they didn\'t have any machines or equipment to do their work. Lifts, for example, are one of the major causes of laziness for those working outdoors. Try using stairs instead of lift whenever you can. ​ Cleanliness is the way: The best way to get active and burn some calories is to clean your wardrobe and room on your own, with minimal help from others. It also helps to increase flexibility, blood circulation and muscle nerve coordination. Pre-organising things could aid a lot in increasing your activity levels. Why rely on magical wands when moulding our lifestyle is just a habit away!

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