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  • Expert Weight Loss Plan And Diet Chart Every Soon-To-Be Bride Must Follow

    In Expert Diet Tips On 12 December 2014

    Join a gym or fitness class If you can motivate yourself and go for a good brisk walk for an hour, well and fine. But if you are one of those who keeps pushing back your workout, you better enrol yourself in a gym, dance class, etc. An hour of exercise is a must to help you burst your flab and to look fab. #3. Eat small meals every 2-3 hours Agreed, with all the rushing around for the wedding preparations, eating frequent meals could be a challenge. But all you need to do is plan your day smartly and make sure you carry your meals with you wherever you go. This would also help you to skip the junk food when you are out. Frequent meals increase your metabolism and helps to burn fat faster. #5.  6 months before your wedding: Early morning: Green tea + 1 fruit Breakfast: 1 bowl of oats porridge/ poha/ upma/idli Midmorning: 1 fruit + 4 almonds/walnuts Lunch: Salad + 2 rotis/ 1 cup brown rice + veggies + dal + curd Evening: Whole wheat bread sandwich/ bhel(no sev)/ sprouts Dinner: Soup + salad+ veggies/ chicken/fish + 1 roti Bedtime: 1 cup slim milk 3 months before your Wedding: Early morning: Green tea + 2 dates Breakfast: Oats upma/ oats dosa Midmorning: 1 fruit + 4 almonds/walnuts Lunch: Salad + 1 rotis/ 1 cup brown rice + veggies + dal + curd Evening: 1 fruit Dinner: Soup + salad+ veggies/ chicken/fish Bedtime: 1 cup slim milk 1 month before your Wedding: Early morning: Green tea + 2 dates Breakfast: Fruits + nuts Midmorning: 1 bowl sprouts/ pulse salad Lunch: Salad + veggies + dal + curd Evening: Soup Dinner: Salad/ stir fry+ veggies/ chicken/fish Bedtime: 1 cup slim milk So, now you know what is best for you and how to get to your dream figure to look like a million dollar on your wedding. Wishing you all the best for your weight loss goals, and your new life ahead!

  • Best Tips for Brides to get Glowing Skin before the Wedding

    In Expert Diet Tips On 12 December 2014

    Exercise daily for at least an hour to improve blood flow to the skin. Use correct sun protection for your skin type after consulting a skin specialist. Yoga and breathing exercises can help to reduce stress levels. Do not touch or prick pimples or acne. Wash your face twice daily to prevent oil clogging in the pores. Zinc: may prevent acne growth by creating an environment inhospitable for the growth of bacteria.  It also helps to calm the skin irritated by breakouts. Zinc is found in wheat germ, pork, fish, soybean, nuts etc. Omega 3 fatty acids: They also support the normal healthy skin cell turnover that helps keep acne at bay. You can get omega-3 fatty acids from cold water fish, such as salmon, flaxseed oil, walnuts, sunflower seeds and almonds.  With just slight changes in your habits and food choice, you can actually look like a million dollar bride on the most awaited day of your life.

  • Pre-wedding stress – NO more!!

    In Expert Diet Tips On 19 December 2014

      It’s understood that marriage and stress go hand in hand. The day that you have been waiting for all your life is just around the corner and so much to do to make that day just perfect. Stress is bound to set in. But excess stress can actually ruin your health, hormones and the fun aspect of your most awaited day.  You cannot avoid stress but you can definitely find ways to cope with it to help you unwind and face all the challenges with ease. Basically you need to spare some time for yourself from all the chaos to disconnect with the world and help your mind and body relax. Here are a few simple tips to help you collect yourself to enjoy every moment of your wedding Focus on your breath: Be it in the train, car, office or anywhere, all you need do is just focus on breathing and let the thoughts come and go. Do not focus or ponder on any thought. Do it for 15 minutes and see how relaxed you feel. Listen to music: Listen to whatever you feel like be it some melodious track, any instrumental music, or any romantic number which takes you to a dreamland and helps you to forget all your worries. Enjoy your tea/ coffee/ green tea: Rather than just gulping your drink down, stand at your balcony or terrace , look at the tress and slowly roll your drink over your tongue. Enjoy the alone act and live in the moment. Go for a long drive: Just drive alone with some of your favorite music and let yourself lose, enjoy and go where the road takes you. Take a walk: Walk along the beach or on some green grass, chant om or any or mantra to purify your mind and soul. Feel the breeze move through your body and let the negativity move out along with it. Create art: Set aside sometime from your busy schedule to create some form of art. Paint, draw, craft, stitch or anything of your choice to actually feel the happiness flow through you. Cook: The most relaxing thing you can do for yourself is cook a dish which you can very well. Put all your heart into it and let your family members feel your love for them. Go for a massage: The best way to unwind your mind and body is to go for a good deep tissue massage to remove every ache and pain from your body and rejuvenate you. Make sure you choose any 3 things atleast daily to bounce back each day with all your vigor and energy. Happy wedding!!

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