Top 5 foods for a flat belly!

Top 5 foods for a flat belly!

By Neha Ranglani  on: 19 December 2014
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Every one dreams to be rich!! But everyone also dreams about something else, that is having a flat tummy without too much effort. The biggest misconception people are smitten by is that doing a lot of ab exercises helps you lose the tummy flab and achieve a table top flat belly. But that’s not the truth. The fact is that you can never lose you tummy fat only with exercise. Diet plays a major role in shaping up your abs.

What you eat decides whether you a get a flat tummy or you develop tyres. The food you eat helps to crash or increase your metabolism to burn the fat around your waist. It truly depends on the choices you make.

Here are top 5 foods for losing your belly fat.

  • Almonds

Most people think of nuts to be fattening and foods to be avoided when on a weight loss diet. But the fact is that almonds are high in fiber which makes a great mid meal snack and best part is that a few of them are enough to make you feel full. They also contain good fats which help to reduce bad fats in the blood and improve overall health. Avoid salted almonds and nibble on few raw ones along with their skin.

  • Oats

It’s only been a few years since this grain has gained a great deal of popularity but it surely has a long way to go. Oats has high amount of fiber, 40gm uncooked oats has 4 gm fiber which is good enough for one meal. It contains both soluble fiber known as beta-glucan and insoluble fiber which acts as a savior for people suffering from constipation by absorbing water, making the stools softer and speeding its elimination. It slows down digestion, making you feel fuller for a longer time so that you tend to eat less, promoting weight loss. Most importantly, they are gluten-free which can be readily replaced by wheat in a celiac or gluten sensitive patient’s diet as they are more prone to bloating due to wheat. Nothing better than waking up to a hot bowl of oats made in porridge or savory form to kick start your metabolism and reduces hunger pangs in the latter half of the day. You can also add oats to your soup, dals, dips, shakes, cutlets, etc. So go and grab a pack of this super healthy food today!

  • Mushroom

Not only loved for its characteristic UMAMI (meaty or savory), but also has a host of nutrients important for good health. They are neither a fruit nor a vegetable, but a fungi which the non-vegetarians turning into vegans are more than happily substituting their meat with. They are a great source of B vitamins which provides energy by breaking down carbohydrates, proteins and fats. They are a powerhouse of antioxidants like selenium and ergothioneine which protect body cells from damage, preventing heart attacks, boost immunity and helping you age gracefully. They are quite filling and very low in calories which are a lucrative food for obese people, making complete sense to replace red meat with them helping you shed excess weight. They contain good amount of vitamin D which work wonders to burn your belly fat. Add to your soup/ stir fry or some brown rice.

  • Broccoli

Luscious green vegetable which is extremely low on calories and an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants. This means small portion of it can help you to feel fuller for a longer time reducing your cravings for the wrong foods and helping you burn your stubborn belly fat. A broccoli stir fry or pasta is a treat for your palette.

  • Low fat yoghurt

White sacred food used from time immemorial. It is rich in protein which increases metabolism and helps you burn your fat easily. It also contains good bacteria that fight against the bad ones in your stomach that leave you feeling bloated and uneasy. This helps to reduce your belly size and make you feel light and active. Have it in the form of raita, buttermilk, smoothie or fruit yogurt.

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