Vital Vitamins

Vital Vitamins

By Neha Ranglani  on: 01 August 2015
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Like other nutrients, vitamins are also very important for normal functioning of the body but the only difference is that they are needed in smaller quantities than other major nutrients. They play many crucial roles in our body and help to optimally perform all our daily chores. 
There are a host of important vitamins that are highlighted below:


Vitamin Ais required for normal vision, good skin texture, prevent acne and pimples, normal growth and repair of the body.
Sources: Orange, ripe yellow/red fruits papaya, watermelon, tomato, mango etc, leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, liver and other organ meats.

Vitamin B-complex: This includes a group of vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and folic acid which are required for utilizing carbohydrates and providing energy to the body, regulate fat metabolism, helps in Red blood cells production, prevent mouth ulcers etc.
Sources: Grains, vegetables, milk and milk products, eggs and meat.

Vitamin C: is required for the protection of teeth, gums and bones. It is strengthens the immune system and prevents the body from infections like common cold and flu. It also helps to form collagen which is important part of joints and bones.
Sources: Amla, guava, citrus fruits, capsicum and green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin D: This is needed for the normal calcium absorption in the bones to prevent osteoporosis and other bone deformities.
Sources: Fortified milk, fish oil, egg yolk, liver etc

Vitamin E: is an antioxidant vitamin which fights against free radicals and slows the process of aging. It also helps to heal wounds and plays an important role in reproduction.
Sources: Almonds, walnuts, vegetable oils, wheat germ, whole grains, peanuts etc.

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