What should I eat during periods to avoid weakness and pain? | how to overcome weakness during periods

What should I eat during periods to avoid weakness and pain? (Diet Query)

By Neha Ranglani  on: 13 March 2015
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I am a 22-year-old girl and I feel extremely fatigued and weak during my periods. I lose my appetite and do not eat much. I also have cramps during my menstrual cycle. Can you suggest the right diet for me so that I can survive those days of the month better? Please help.

Weakness during periods is not uncommon especially during the first and second days. Many women find themselves feeling fatigued very soon and this is mostly due to the hormonal change and loss of blood. It is important to go easy on these days but the right foods can certainly give you more energy and nutrition to your body. Here?%u20AC%u2122s what dietician Neha Chandna suggests.

The best way to keep your energy levels up during periods is to eat foods which give you natural sugars such as bananas, dates, grapes, mangoes, etc. Apart from these foods, whole grains like oats, jowar, ragi, brown rice also help provide a great deal of energy. Sprouts and salads should also be a part of your diet.

Foods to beat menstrual pain and cramps

Foods which increase the alkalinity in the body are the best to keep the pain away. Include foods like fruits, lemons, dried fruits like anjeer, raisins, prunes, nuts, salads, veggies and veg juices/coconut water. Also try these yoga asanas to beat pain.

Sample diet during periods

Morning:              fruits dried fruits
Mid morning:       brown rice poha/oats upma/idli/dosa
Lunch:                 salads 1 jowar/ragi roti/ 1 cup brown rice veggies  dal
Mid noon:            nuts
Evening:              sprouts/chana chaat
Dinner:                 soup salad veggies

Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated. Water also helps relieve pain.

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Navratri special: How to fast the healthy way! - Nutritionist Neha Chandna
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The festivities of Navratri begin from April 8 onwards. Along with the fun and frolic of garba, it also brings along the nine-day fasting routine. In order to maintain good health, it is imperative that you follow a healthy diet and fast in a safe manner. Nutritionist Neha Chandna shells out some tips and a diet plan for healthy fasting this Navratri. Is fasting healthy? Many may wonder if going on a nine-day fast is indeed healthy for our bodies. According to Neha, it is an extremely healthy practice as long as you don’t starve yourself. Fasting helps you cleanse and detoxify your body and mind. All you need to do is fast is the correct manner by eating small meals frequently and then eating your main meal at night post sunset. Healthy Navratri diet plan Start your day with a cup of green tea and two dates For breakfast, eat fruits, nuts and raisins Have milkshake/ kheer/ coconut water around noon For lunch, opt for saudana khichdi/ rajgira roti with lauki/ arbi sabzi and a glass of chhaas with rock salt Mid afternoon, have fruit yoghurt In the evening, eat aloo chat or aloo palak salad For dinner, start with vegetable soup, a bowl of salad with kuttu ka atta/rajgira roti and sabzi followed by low-fat lauki halwa or carrot halwa Before sleeping, have a glass of skimmed milk Recently, there was a controversy that one should avoid eating fruits during fasts. In my belief, fruits are the most sacred food on earth! They are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre and natural sugar which make them ideal to consume during a fast.  ill-effects of not fasting properly Many people who fast also go to play garba or dandiya in the evenings. Since this requires stamina and energy, it is vital that you fast in a proper manner in order to enjoy the festivities and not strain your body’s health. Some of the ill-effects of not fasting properly are: Weakness and fatigue Fainting due to drop in blood sugar level Unable to sleep properly Lack of stamina Tiredness  Who should avoid fasting? I suggest diabetics and pregnant woman avoid this fast as it can cause a drop in the blood sugar levels which is not conducive in both the cases. Watch My video also on You Tube : Get fit in Navratras- Healthy Tips by Dietitian Neha Chandna
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