Consult for Diet For Pregnancy And Lactation
Diet for pregnancy and lactation

Diet for pregnancy and lactation

A Healthy Pregnancy equals a Healthy baby.   

Preparing for a baby’s arrival is important but charting a course for mom’s health during pregnancy is even more vital. When a woman becomes pregnant her body undergoes many changes. Those changes can be hormonal changes, physiological changes, psychological changes. She will start to lose nutrition from her own body to improve those higher needs of the foetus she carries so to keep herself and the unborn child in a healthy and nurtured state physically as well as mentally, a well-balanced diet must be followed throughout the pregnancy as well as during the lactation and post delivery. Here we guide and counsel you by giving a healthy diet in order to develop a healthy lifestyle change and also ensure bothhealthy mom and a healthybaby.Everyone knows that a healthy pregnancy requires special care.     

A healthy diet accompanied by moderate exercise is very important as it will help the fetus in its proper development.But staying healthy during pregnancy depends on you, so it's crucial to arm yourself with information about the many ways to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible.     

A healthy diet is very important because the deficiency of some nutrients can cause various adverse effects for both, mother and the fetus. It is known that the mother and the baby compete for the same nutrients and calories, and for this reason it is necessary that mothers have a balanced diet of nutrients for both her and her baby.      

This diet will then be related to different factors like, with the woman's weight before she got pregnant, the gestation period, how active she was and weight gain during pregnancy.       

The best guarantee for good nutrition during pregnancy is a varied diet rich in all food groups with lots of fruits, nuts and veggies.       Among the components found in food most important to the healthy development of the fetus during pregnancy are, the vitamin A, C, D and E, folic acid, carbohydrates, iron, niacin thiamine, pyridoxine, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.        

Vitamin A helps cell development, bone growth and formation of the tooth bud of the fetus, and helps in the development of eye tissue and the immune system. 

The single most important thing that you can do for your baby is to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

On the other hand when it comes to breastfeeding, the diet has to be in sync- drink plenty of fluids, but not coffee, tea, avoid sweeteners and chocolate, avoid gassy and processed foods, do not take any medication without a prescription, no smoking, no drinking alcohol.

A well-balanced diet is one that includes foods from all food groups in appropriate amounts, so as to ensure proper nutrition and that's what our aim is. 

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